50 things…everyone should know. items 26-50

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26.  Speak at Least Two Common Languages – Only about 25% of the world’s population speaks English.  It would be nice if you could communicate with at least some of the remaining 75%. May I suggest Rosetta-Stone! It is also another way to work towards a goal of travel through learning another language.

27.  Do Push-Ups and Sit-Ups Properly – Improper push-ups and sit-ups do nothing but hurt your body and waste your time. Well, I am not that sure I support that this is one of the top 50 things everyone should know how to do!!!

28.  Give a Compliment – It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give someone, and it’s free. It is a fabulous thing to do and can absolutely change another person’s entire day!

29.  Negotiate – The better deal is only a question or two away. It is also super fun to do this and you feel amazing once you have gotten a great deal on something you need!

 30.  Listen Carefully to Others – The more you listen and the less you talk, the more you will learn and the less you will miss.

 31.  Recite Basic Geography – If you don’t know where anything is outside of your own little bubble, most people will assume (and they are probably correct) that you don’t know too much at all. This is so true! We all need to know where things are.

32.  Paint a Room – The true cost of painting is 90% labor.  For simple painting jobs it makes no sense to pay someone 9 times what it would cost you to do it yourself.

 33.  Make a Short, Informative Public Speech – At the next company meeting if your boss asks you to explain what you’ve been working on over the last month, a short, clear, informative response is surely your best bet.  “Duhhh…” will not cut it.

 34.  Smile for the Camera – People that absolutely refuse to smile for the camera suck!

35.  Flirt Without Looking Ridiculous – There is a fine line between successful flirting and utter disaster.  If you try too hard, you lose.  If you don’t try hard enough, you lose.

 36. Take Useful Notes – Because useless notes are useless, and not taking notes is a recipe for failure.

 37. Be a Respectful House Guest – Otherwise you will be staying in a lot of hotels over the years.

 38.  Make a Good First Impression – Aristotle once said, “well begun is half done.”

39.  Navigate with a Map and Compass – What happens when the GPS craps out and you’re in the middle of nowhere?

40.  Sew a Button onto Clothing – It sure is cheaper than buying a new shirt.

41.  Hook Up a Basic Home Theater System – This isn’t rocket science.  Paying someone to do this shows sheer laziness. Well it does depend on your “Theatre system” and what you have to connect and if you have an 11 year old wiz kid to take care of this for you!!

42.  Type – Learning to type could save you days worth of time over the course of your lifetime. It is so funny that typing class was offered when I was in High School (back in the old days), now kids are working on computers before they hit kindergarten. Be sure they learn to type!!! Don’t take this for granted, finger pecking is ridiculous!!! (and pick great typefaces)

43.  Protect Personal Identity Information – Personal identity theft is not fun unless you are the thief.  Don’t be careless. This is so important, especially these days when accessing information is so easy for those who really want to gain access to your important stuff!

44.  Implement Basic Computer Security Best Practices – You don’t have to be a computer science major to understand the fundamentals of creating complex passwords and using firewalls.  Doing so will surely save you a lot of grief someday. Anyone who has been hacked can attest to this and how critically important it is!!!

45.  Detect a Lie – People will lie to you.  It’s a sad fact of life. This is a tough one, especially when you are being lied to by your kids and you aren’t able to tell if they are lying or not!

46.  End a Date Politely Without Making Promises – There is no excuse for making promises you do not intend to keep.  There is also no reason why you should have to make a decision on the spot about someone you hardly know. It is ok to just say bye and then go from there. It sure is better than making a commitment you can’t keep!!!

47.  Remove a Stain – Once again, it’s far cheaper than buying a new one. There are great bits of information that you can find all over the internet, the key here is to take care of it immediately, never let a stain set in, it is incredibly tough to get out!!!

48.  Keep a Clean House – A clean house is the foundation for a clean, organized lifestyle. Depending on the lifestyle and schedule you are living, you might want to consider a house keeper for some of the basics. Otherwise, get everyone involved in this task and remember 50 years from now, it will not make a difference how clean your house was, but how you have impacted your kids and your own life are what really counts!

49.  Hold a Baby – Trust me, injuring a baby is not what you want to do.  I guess this is not just an instinct thing. Some folks have to learn how to do this, and for others, it just comes naturally.

 50.  Jump Start a Car – It sure beats walking or paying for a tow truck. My preference is just a quick phone call to AAA. I don’t really need to know how to do much more than make a phone

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